Camelot Academy
Camelot of Broussard Nursing Home

We are dedicated to the development of our staff.

We recently launched a new education program for Camelot of Broussard employees. It’s called Camelot Academy and we host courses each month for on-going training. We cover topics ranging from very clinically complex issues such as wound care for nurses all the way to social areas that affect each of us daily, like customer service. We also have several books that can be borrowed from our Camelot Academy library. Reading and class credits make you eligible for rewards and prizes.

The concept is simple. People are the most valuable asset of the company. Just like our beautiful building needs maintenance and upkeep, each of us require an ongoing investment of time and attention. We need to grow, develop, and mature to become the best at what we do. This program is designed to be a coaching tool that will help bring out the best in each of us.

Come join us as we learn, lead, and serve together.